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MMAXFIT aims to provide the most diverse workouts in a group setting incorporating elements of strength, HIIT and MMA.

Designed for all individuals mmaxfit caters to everyone who wants to be strong, fit and agile. All sessions begin with mobility and have been designed with the intention of building strength and getting you fit. Every workout is unique and we work with a variety of programmers to ensure we deliver you optimal training sessions.

With strong origins in MMA inspired training MMAXFIT Australia has developed its workouts to suit an individual’s training needs focusing on strength, fitness and mobility. With all the group training around it was becoming evidently clear that there was still a gap in the market; a limited amount of training studios where you could focus on building your strength, getting fitter and focusing on movement and mobility through the major joints in the body without getting caught up in the sometimes intimidating and aggressive “cult” mentality.

Using a variety of programmers from different backgrounds we work inclusively to design the best sessions that focus around building strength, developing your fitness levels through hiit and mma and increasing your mobility through a series of movement patters through the major joint and muscle groups.

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